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Fabio Jansen was born in Milan. He started traveling the world as a child carried along by his parents and their passion for journeys, giving him the chance to grow up amongst the most exotic and colorful cultures and to nourish the love for the ever changing spur, given by the encounter with unknown countries and people all around the world.

Soon he develops a passion for the Far East as well as for photography surf and music, passions that would have become his lifelong companions. He founded many independent labels specialized in electronic music, theatrical performances, multimedia installations and psychedelic soundtracks.

Then he focused his interests totally in electronic music and creating his own electro tracks he started performing them live, as a DJ in clubs , during the fashion shows and deep in the jungle of remote and small islands around the world.

In the same years he totally felt in love with the magic released by the mixture of music and video, together with a couple of friends, he started to write , direct and produce music videos for almost unknown musicians on an almost non existent budgets, and since then he has realized that this would be his life.

He directs more than 100 music video clips for almost all the italian artists winning different prizes in many different festivals.

From 2009 onwards, his life is split between Thailand, where he established an amazing restaurant in a small heavenly island, and Italy where he owns a small and cool production hub ( Blackmamba Productions ) directing commercials and web contents for a lot of international brands.
Of course his love for travels goes on and up to today, he keeps on directing and producing on his own, social documentaries, music videos and short films around the world again winning prizes in international festivals.

At the moment he resides not really "permanently" in Europe, between Milan and Barcelona, where he directs commercials for different production companies of all over the world.